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Vappu events among the students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

News | 18.4.2018

Vappu (or Wappu), the May Day, is the most important festival of the academic year and it is celebrated few weeks before the big day. We have listed some cool events of different organisations in the Faculty of Science and Engineering that you might be interested in. Have a look and participate! You can join the event organised by the students of your own study field or just see what others have planned.

Please note that some of the events require registration and might cost something even if it’s not mentioned here. Please check well in advance what is the situation with the event that you want to join.

Most of the events are on Facebook or on organiser’s webpage, but if you can’t find them, please don’t hesitate to ask for further information by sending an email to Hybridi: hybridi(a)


<3: Hybridi ry and our member organisations

(The organiser(s) in brackets)

A = Asteriski     De = Delta         Di = Digit           I = IVA                 H = Hybridi

N = Nucleus       P = Pulterit         S = Synapsi        T = TYKry          TYY = Student Union


18.4.              International Vappu @Kraatteri, Q-house at 18 (T)

                      Special hangout for international students with mead and vappu doughnuts

                      Wapunaloitusbileet 3€ @Vegas at 22 (DiNS)

                      A party to begin the Vappu


19.4.              PGP – Pedal-car Grand Prix @Varvintori at 17

                      Student organisation teams race against each other in a speedy pedal-car race.


21.4.              Bahamabileet party 3€ @Q-house at 17 (ADiN)


23.4.              Viini&Jyystö-ilta @Nukkuma, Q-house at 16 (ADiN)

                      Nicekerho (a female club) organizes a night where we watch porn and eat cheese, really classy.

                      Tea evening @Delta’s office, Quantum at 17 (De)


24.4.              Yard Games and Kyykkä @University hill at 14 (S)

                      Different kinds of sports and games, come and have fun!

                      MaGe-sauna @TYY sauna at 18 (P)

                      Sauna event for Geology and Geography students

                      Lätkässä Vappuun: MM95 party 3€ @Marilyn at 22 (H)

                      A party where the theme is Finland winning the world championship in hockey in 1995.


25.4.              Pseudolympic games @University hill and Natura at 14 (S)

                      Team competition with not so regular games e.g. throwing shoes etc.

                      Badges sewing evening @IVA’s office (I)

                      Tips and peer support available


26.4.             BBQ and Kyykkä @Yard behind Educarium at 18 (H)

                     Nice grilling and academic sport Kyykkä with science and engineering students

                     Vappustartti party 4€/3€ in advance @Vegas at 22


27.4.              Bake sale @Quantum at 12 (De)

                      Delta’s items and delicacies on sale, come and meet the board members


28.4.              Deltalympics and YouTube-corner @University hill at 14 (De)

                      Capture-the Flag sport game @University hill at 15 (S)

                      A traditional sport game in schools now on campus size event

                      Well-being sauna @TYY sauna at 16 (DiN)

                      Some relaxation and sauna in the middle of all the hustle and bustle

                      Salsa try out 7,50€ @Dance school Flama at 16 (H)

                      Come and try couple salsa


29.4.              Reppulinkierros @Asteriski’s office at 14 (A)

                      Casual hanging out in our office where we watch stupid videos


30.4.            Boolitus @around campus at 12 (All organisations)

                    Go around the campus and visit the stands of different organisations. Free punch!

                     TYYlikäs Vappu @Taidemuseonmäki at 17.30 and Liljanpatsas at 18.30 (TYY)

                     Experience the magic of Vappu at its best. Join students on the Taidemuseonmäki and see the    moment when they are allowed to wear their student’s cap. You wouldn’t have guessed that there are so many people in Turku!


1.5.                Picnic @Vartiovuori Park at 12 (TYY)

                      Students gather for a picnic together, music and speeches. Bring a blanket and some food and enjoy the start of the spring and summer with your friends. Happy Vappu!