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Updated corona guidelines have been published

News | 17.9.2020

Updated on 22 December 2021. We are now in yellow time. 

TYY's guidelines are based on:

  • Discussion with the health authorities of campus cities
  • The guidelines of the hospital district and regulations of regional state administrative agency

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the yellow time guidelines will be followed. 

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we recommend that students and student organisations won’t organize events during the rest of the year 2021.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland has banned all indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings in the region of Southwest Finland until 31 December 2021. In addition, facilities used for choir singing or amateur theater activities, or similar group activities are closed by the decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency. Events cannot be organized even with a corona passport. A notice on the access of the Regional State Administrative Agency can be found here:

Many student events are not public events or general meetings. However, TYY recommends to not organise private student events until the end of the year.

The facemasks can be used wherever people come into contact with each other both indoors and outdoors when a safety distance cannot be maintained. The recommendation also applies to vaccinated individuals. 

The guidelines of the University of Turku can be found here:

TYY will check the guidelines next time in the week1.