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Updated corona guidelines have been published

News | 17.9.2020

Updated on 18 June 2021. We are now in green time. 

TYY's corona guidelines consist of:

  • Trafficlight model on what instructions are being followed at the moment (red/yellow/green)
  • An instruction on how to organise and attend events safely (these must be followed at all times)

TYY's guidelines are based on:

  • Discussion with the health authorities of campus cities
  • The guidelines of the hospital district and regulations of regional state administrative agency

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the green time guidelines will be followed. 

Red time, proceed as follows:

  • Based on the current regulation of regional state administrative agency: You can have maximum of six people in your indoors events, such as meetings, when safety measures are followed. You can have maximum of six people in events in limited outdoor areas, when safety measures are followed. In Satakunta you can have maximum of six people indoors and outdoors, when safety measures are followed.
  • During the red period, there are no physical mass events at all, such as student parties, annual balls, sitz parties, and other events where it is difficult to follow safety instructions.
  • The organisation should consider the added value of providing a physical opportunity. We do not recommend organising events where alcohol is consumed. For example, meetings can be held with safe distances, with meeting observers following the meeting remotely. Also, participants should be advised to wear a mask.
  • During the red period, it is necessary to consider whether canceling training is the safest option. If it is decided to organise hobby activities, the participants should be divided into sufficiently small groups and activities should be held outside. Hobby activities can only be organised if TYY's safety instructions can be followed (safe distances, hygiene recommendations).
  • In the red time, do not go to places where it is challenging to follow the safety instructions given, such as nightclubs. Students should not organise their shadow parties and organisations should communicate this to their members.

Yellow time, proceed as follows:

  • Follow the current regulation of regional state administrative agency on the restriction of amount of people in events and meetings. 
  • For bigger student groups TYY recommends organising several small outdoor events for smaller groups so that groups would not encounter each other.
  • Hobby activities may be organised if the safety instructions and the resrictions on assembly are followed.
  • It must be possible to keep the safe distances and following them is the responsibility of the organiser. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to end the event if it is not possible to meet the safe distances. Events should be planned from the security perspective above. Excessive alcohol consumption makes it difficult to comply with the organiser's safety instructions.
  • When nightclubs are open: student parties held in nightclubs can be organised if the guidelines are followed. The organiser of the event and the representatives of the nightclub must discuss on the implementation of safety instructions. Organisers must collect a list of participants in the event. The organiser of the event must instruct the participants on what kind of safety instructions will be followed in the nightclubs. Participants will be advised of the usefulness of the mask when the participant has their seat. Students should not arrange shadow parties and organisations should inform their members about this.
  • When nightclubs are open: if an event has an after-party, it is recommended that organisations arrange their after-parties, for example by booking their own space where additional contacts can be avoided.
  • Hybrid events should be favored, so that those who cannot attend physical events can also participate.

Green time, proceed as follows:

  • Wash your hands and remember to cough safely. Use hand sanitiser. Stay at home if you feel sick. 
  • Avoid unnecessary contact. If safe distances cannot be maintained, wear a safety mask.
  • Indoor spaces: maximum number of people is 50.

These guidelines include TYY's instructions for organisations on how to organise events and for students how to participate in the events. The guidelines supplement the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities and the University of Turku, which organisations and students must follow. The instructions are updated if necessary and can be found on TYY's website.

Guidelines for TYY's organisations

A list of participants should be collected from the events. The list of participants must be kept for three weeks after the event and after that, the data must be deleted. The participants must be notified of the collection and use of the list of participants.

Events must have a designated person responsible for hygiene who must be available to participants throughout the event. The person responsible for hygiene shall ensure that there is a possibility of washing and/or disinfecting the hands during the event. Also, the person responsible for hygiene takes care of the implementation of safe distances.

Safe distances must be at least 2 meters at events. In case the event takes place in the auditorium, safe distances must be taken into account, for example by leaving empty seats between. Hygiene instructions and safe distances must be communicated throughout the event.

The starting point for planning an event is that it is possible to keep safe distances in the event. If for some reason the safe distances cannot be maintained, the mask recommendation should be followed. If masks are used in the event, participants should be instructed in advance on the correct use of the mask, as, for example, the constant transfer of the mask to and from the face may increase the risk of corona infection. Mask recommendation and instructions for using the mask can be found here.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that all participants in the event follow these guidelines. 

At events, you should avoid distributing food or drinks to participants. If something is distributed to participants, it should be done hygienically using individual packages or, for example, using the participant's own container. Outdoor events should be favored. Due to a large number of outdoor events, organisations must inform TYY of the location of their outdoor events and the estimated number of participants to avoid crowds on campus. Guidance to organisations on reporting the venue will be provided in week 34. 

In outdoor events, it must be ensured that the events of the various organisations remain separate. Participants can be guided by clear signs and instructions. “Shadow checkpoints” are not allowed. When planning the venue the safety must go first and if necessary, it must be possible to change the location of the event. 

Events held on the University's premises must follow the University's guidelines for the use of the premises. TYY's rental premises must follow TYY's instructions on the use of the premises. When planning events, it is worth noting that the official guidelines may change even with short notice. Organisers must be prepared to change plans or cancel the event if necessary.

In addition to physical events, organisations should continue to organise remote events as well. This takes into account, for example, students at risk and those who do not feel safe in physical events. Also, physical events should not be marketed as mandatory and, for example, participation in physical events or occasions should not be a condition for obtaining overalls. 

Instructions for the student to participate in the event

  1. Get to know TYY's traffic light model. Follow the instructions that are given at any given time.
  2. Stay out of physical events if you have flu symptoms, are ill, or have been in contact with a symptomatic person for the past 14 days. If you have travelled to Finland from abroad, please follow the quarantine instructions (if needed). Be sure to also notify the organiser of your cancellation. 
  3. Follow the organiser's instructions and register yourself in the list of participants as indicated by the organiser. 
  4. Remember, we are all responsible for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Take care of your friends and kindly remind them about the instructions.
  5. If you enjoy drinks or food at the event, use a personal container. Do not offer food or drink to other participants in the event. 
  6. Bring your hand sanitiser and take care of hand hygiene, especially before and after the event.
  7. Follow the current mask recommendation issued by the authority. The mask can also be worn voluntarily. Use the mask correctly, as moving the mask to and from the face may increase the risk of infection. 
  8. Keep a safe distance (2 meters) from other people. 
  9. Download the Koronavilkku -app.
  10. Use the hand sanitiser or washing facilities available at the event and take care of hand hygiene throughout the event. 


All guests of the restaurant must have their seating at a table or equivalent. It is allowed to sit in the private seating at the bar counter. However, the restaurant must take into account in its operations that it must ensure that a sufficient distance is maintained between customers and between customers and staff at all times when the restaurant is open.

More detailed instructions on the operation of restaurants can be found here: 

For more information on the guidelines, please contact Samuli Tähtinen, and Aliisa Wahlsten, Chair of the Board of TYY.