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University’s intranet has now own front page for students

News | 10.8.2016

University of Turku’s intranet has now own front page for students. The page is also available in mobile phone version.

Intranet works with student’s own username and helps to find available services better. On students' front page student can find study related information such as courses and exams, messages from Moodle and information about current events of the Student Union and the University.

This is how students' front page works:

  • Update current academic year on your study plan (eHOPS) at: ttps://
  • After this, you get information about your upcoming courses and exams on your intranet front page and remember to enroll in time.
  • Sign up for future courses through NettiOpsu and Moodle. Your courses and enrollments will be visible on your home page.
  • Sign up for exams in NettiOpsu and you will see them on your home page (in the future registrations for the electronic exams will appear on your homw page).
  • You can also follow your credits of the current academic year in real time on your front page.

Give feedback:

Please note that the student intranet front page is still being improved and sometimes the information may be incomplete. Students are encouraged to give feedback.

You can give feedback by sending e-mail to or via online questionnaire.

Link to the survey can be found in the intranet's students' front page.