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University Chaplains’ services spring 2021

News | 12.1.2021

You are welcome to contact the University Chaplain if there is anything that is bothering you and you would like to talk about it. 

The University Chaplains offer low-threshold counselling free of charge to all members of the Turku University community (students, personnel, doctoral candidates etc.) 

Counselling can support you when you think that it could be beneficial to have a discussion with someone who is bound by professional confidentiality and is not a member of your study or work community. Counselling can also be the support you need while you are waiting for other professional help. 

There is no requirement for you to be Christian nor to be religious at all. What will be discussed is what you need to talk about. Spirituality and religion will only be discussed if that is what you would like. 

Counselling is possible face to face, by telephone or in Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime. In the beginning of this year meeting face to face is preferably in the form of a counselling walk. Eventually in accordance to the pandemic guidelines there will hopefully be a possibility of meeting at the University Chaplains’ counselling room at Student House B or at the Campus Chapel or at some other place of your choosing. 

University Chaplains also offer a possibility to meet them on Campus at Åbo Akademi University’s Arken building (room M210, Kaminen) on Tuesdays at 1-2 p.m. You can contact them in advance and book a time for meeting Mia or Tiina there. This is especially important as the doors are locked due to the epidemic. 

University Chaplains of Turku University: 

Mia Pusa,, 0403417296 (Finnish, Swedish, English)
Tiina Hallikainen,, 0403417308 (Finnish, English) 

Zooming in on Happiness 

These Zoom-gatherings are for you, if you have been wondering how to more happy moments to your life and how to increase the well-being of your mind and being. During five Zoom-gatherings we’ll discuss things like what affects how happy we feel, what our strengths and dreams are and what kinds of things bring our lives more light and joy. There will be tasks available for you to do in between gatherings but it is up to you if you would like to do them. No pressure. The gatherings will be led by University Chaplain Mia Pusa and the group is open for all members of the university community. 

Please contact Mia for more details by the end of January:, +358 40 341 7296.