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Unica restaurants stay open in exceptional situations - food is also available with student discount

News | 18.3.2020

Exceptional measures are taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus have a significant impact on Unica's restaurant services.

It is extremely important for Unica restaurants to act responsibly and at the same time make their everyday meals easier. Unica also wants to offer healthy, affordable and versatile alternatives for students and city residents, even in exceptional times.

The Assarin Ullakko serves normally, with extended opening hours from Monday to Sunday. Brygge's vegetarian lunch is served on Assarin Ullakko’s side.

Tottisalmi and Piccu Maccia, as well as Deli Pharma in Kupittaa and Ruokakello in Runosmäki, are open from breakfast until late afternoon.

Get a delicious takeaway lunch and coffee specialities from Unica for yourself or the whole family - with student discounts!

Galilei, Macciavelli and Linus, which are located in educational institutions, will close their doors at the same time on Wednesday 18 March for the time being.

Dental serves until 20 March.

Unica will continue to implement enhanced hygiene practices, food serving, fewer seats, and a broad range of other epidemic prevention measures in all its open restaurants.

Unica is actively monitoring the situation and any changes in the services will be implemented as needed, please contact Unica directly for more information!