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Unica pick-up student-priced lunches also during the exceptional times

News | 8.4.2020

Unica restaurants want to make sure that it is possible for students to have student-priced lunches also during the exceptional circumstances. Although Unica's restaurants, as instructed, have closed their doors, students still have two options to choose from when it comes to student-priced lunches for 2.60 euros.

Assarin Ullakko

You can pick up lunch from Assarin Ullakko, even by bringing your own container.

  • Starting from April 14, open from Monday to Friday from 10.30-17.00
  • Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Open on Thursday, April 9 from 10.30-15.00
  • Closed on Friday, April 10 and on Monday, April 13 due to Easter holidays

Unica goes mobile

From Monday to Friday, you can pick up food from Unica's van based on Yo-kylä and Haliskylä. The meal includes a hot dish (chilled) and green salad.


  • Ikituuri from 11.00-11.45
  • Yo-kylä 16b from 12.00-12.45
  • Haliskylä from 13.00-13.45
  • Friday (April 10) and Monday (April 13) closed due to Easter holiday
  • On Saturday (April 11) the van will move around according to the schedule above

Both Assarin Ullakko and the van provide student-priced lunches for 2,60 €. The van can also distribute some leftover food from the previous day for a cheaper price of 2,10 €. A vegetarian option is always available, too. You can find the menus on Unica's website.

Buy yourself two portions and help a friend by buying food for him/her, of course, for a student price

University students can buy two portions per day because reducing social contact is nowadays important. In addition, university students can also buy a meal or two-day meals for a fellow student who is unable to come and buy the food himself/herself because of symptoms.

The student must present his or her entitlement to student-priced lunches in the same way as before, e.g. by showing a valid student card or Kela's meal support card. If the student purchases a student-priced lunch at the same time for another university student, he/she must also show another student's valid student card entitling to meal support or Kela's meal support card.

Meals can also be purchased without a student card, in which case the price is 6 euros per serving or as a family combo where 4 servings equals 20 euros. The payments can be done by either by mobile pay or a bank card.

Unica restaurants actively listen to students’ wishes and possibly will increase Unica Goes Mobile capacity. Follow Unica restaurants on Facebook and Instagram, and also their homepages to always stay up to date with the latest information.