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TYY's voter turnout rose again

News | 9.11.2017

The voting at the Student Union Council Elections ended on Wednesday 8 November at 16.00. Almost 6000 students voted. TYY elected new Student Union Council for 2018-2019.

Student Union Council’s 41 members are the highest decision-making power in the Student Union. The Council was elected for two-year term.

Voting took place electronically from 1 to 8 November. There was no separate advance voting time. A total of 5988 students participated in the voting and the voter turnout was 41.98 %. The turnout rose from the previous elections in 2015 and is the highest in TYY for 37 years.

"We got higher turnout and more candidates than last time. The election was also pure, we did not have to deal with any violation of ethical rules. I can only be happy that the election went very well. We have done our best and we can be proud of the result", says Tuomas Dahlström, Chair of TYY's Central Election Committee.

A total of 360 students from 13 different electoral coalitions were nominated as candidates. The total number of candidates was the highest in all student union elections held in Finland in 2017.

Number of seats per electoral coalition 2018-2019

TSE-list 9

TYY Terveeksi 7

Group Lex 6

Hybridiaani 5

Green list 4

Torchbearers 3

Green Left 3

Eduxi 2

Humanist list 1

Oikeat 1


Elected members 2018–2019

1. Nousiainen Elias, TSE-list

2. Haapala Olli, TYY Terveeksi

3. Jortikka Maija, Hybridiaani

4. Mäkitalo Nelli, Green list

5. Dahlström Tuomas, Group Lex

6. Jarkia Jonatan, TSE-list

7. Kivistö Eero, Eduxi

8. Strander Tapani, TYY Terveeksi

9. Koiranen Sara, Green Left

10. Harjuniemi Inari, Torchbearers

11. Peltomaa Paula, TSE-list

12. Laakso Ville, Group Lex

13. Palanterä Paavo, Hybridiaani

14. Suomi Rebecca, TYY Terveeksi

15. Lumme Jenni, Green list

16. Raitio Kristian, TSE-list

17. Nieminen Maria, Hybridiaani

18. Wilen Noora, Group Lex

19. Hiltunen Henni, TYY Terveeksi

20. Kondelin Sade, Green Left

21. Lautamatti Sonja, Torchbearers

22. Heikola Matias, TSE-list

23. Jäntti Jenni, Humanist list

24. Lappalainen Iina, TSE-list

25. Seittenranta Sauli, TYY Terveeksi

26. Liminka Nestori, Green list

27. Salmenoja Sanni, Eduxi

28. Poikela Laura-Maria, Group Lex

29. Takatalo Janika, Oikeat

30. Haapala Helmer, TSE-list

31. Kulha Katariina, Green lista

32. Nuuttila Simo, TYY Terveeksi

33. Nokelainen Tiina, Hybridiaani

34. Salakka Janne, Torchbearers

35. Isoaho Olli, Group Lex

36. Melanen Aatu, TSE-list

37. Jokinen Risto, Hybridiaani

38. Metsi Roy-Wilhelm, Green Left

39. Salmivalli Alisa, TYY Terveeksi

40. Tiainen Miika, TSE-list

41. Simonen Emmi, Group Lex


More information:

Chair of TYY's Central Election Committee
Tuomas Dahlström
044 9701491