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TYY’s services and guidelines for students and organisations regarding corona

Release | 13.3.2020

Edited 5 May

University of Turku Reopening Process Starts on 14 May. The main points of the University’s exit plan will be published on the University’s website and closer instructions will be available in the intranet.

TYY recommends following the guidelines of the Finnish Government, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the University of Turku and city of Turku. Below you can read the updated information and guidelines to follow.

TYY’s Services

Service Desk, premises and Starting Package Office

Service Desk, premises and Starting Package Office are closed from 16 March for the time being. The items and premises for rent are not available and there will be no cancellation fees.

If you need a sticker for your student card, we recommend you to download the Frank App

You can also send your studentcard (with your own risk) to us with envelope with your name and address. We will send it back with the annual sticker. Do not in any case send us your card if it is a debit type card. 

You can contact

Our service desk via e-mail at

Starting Package Storage at:

The premises at:

In addition, Campus Chapel is not in use until the end of May. You can find the contact information of University Chaplains here.

Specialists and Executive Board

You can contact the Specialists and the Executive Board during office hours via phone and e-mail.

Check the contact details

Of the Executive Board here

Of the Specialists here

Be sure to follow actively our website and social media,

e.g. Instagram @studentuniontyy and Facebook TYY.

TYY’s Legal Advice

The Legal Advice is available online and via phone. Check the contact details here.

Studying at the University of Turku

University’s Facilities Will Be Closed

The University of Turku restricts access to its facilities according to the policies of the Regional State Administrative Agency AVI and Universities Finland UNIFI.

Starting from Friday, 20 March at 6 AM, the University’s facilities are closed until 13 May 2020. Also the exam rooms are closed.

Teaching and research activities will be carried out with remote connections. Only employees whose work tasks have been defined as necessary in order to ensure the critical level of operations at the University can access the buildings with their key tags. Information about the necessary employees has been collected from faculties, independent units, and University Central Services. The employees who retain their access rights will be informed by email.

The buildings are accessed through the main entrance. The users of the buildings have to be prepared to prove their identity and tell the reason for their visit when asked by the security or facility services personnel.

Those working in the University’s facilities take cautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Security in the facilities is increased.

Instructions on remote work, organising teaching, and studying are available in the intranet (requires logging in).

All the library units of the Turku University Library are closed.

Borrowing necessary materials for studying, teaching and research is ensured with special arrangements for the University students and staff. You can read more on library's website.  

The information page of the University of Turku on the coronavirus situation:

Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to

Students’ contact person: International Officer Tarja Virta,, +358 50 328 1670

TYY is actively in touch with the University and makes sure that studying is possible also during the exceptional situation. The student has the right to continue his/her studied without any interruption.

Follow the instructions here


TYY recommends following the Finnish Government’s suggestion that different activities, such as non-necessary meetings and hobbies should be restricted.  This means that various events and meetings with a large attendance should be cancelled for the time being. The Student Union will inform you about any upcoming changed when appropriate.

TYY encourages organisations to stay in contact online. We will also offer our services (such as councils, trainings) online. 

Read the instructions here

ZOOM for remote access meetings

The University has a remote access programme called Zoom, which can be used to hold a meeting or even reading circle. You can use Zoom with your UTU ID. You will find all the instructions at the University of Turku intranet. 


Unica restaurants stay open in exceptional situations.

The Assarin Ullakko serves normally, with extended opening hours from Monday to Sunday. Brygge's vegetarian lunch is served on Assarin Ullakko’s side.

Tottisalmi and Piccu Maccia, as well as Deli Pharma in Kupittaa and Ruokakello in Runosmäki, are open from breakfast until late afternoon.

Get a delicious takeaway lunch and coffee specialities from Unica for yourself or the whole family - with student discounts!

Galilei, Macciavelli, Dental and Linus are closed.

Unica will distribute student-priced lunches in several places. Stay updated on Facebook. ► Read more  

See more details from Unica's website.


Finland’s government has suggested that the events with more than 500 participants should be cancelled or moved until the end of July. Also smaller events and hobby activities should be cancelled or restricted.

This means that there will be changes in Vappu celebrations. You can read more about Vappu on our Facebook. Follow our news, social media and events calendar to stay updated. We will inform about organisation forums, councils, etc. via e-mail lists.    

You can read more tips for remote activities here.

Film Club Kinokopla

See more info about Kinokopla's movie nights from Kinokopla's website.


CampusSport is closed for time being.

Financial Aid for students

Kela has informed about the situation on its website.

Do not come to campus if sick

If you have symptoms of a cold, influenza, or other infectious diseases, do not come to campus. If you feel that you have gotten ill, you can read more here.

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