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TYY's rental premises will be opened with exceptional arrangements from 1 June

News | 27.5.2020

TYY's   premises   can   be   rented   again   from   1   June   onwards.  

Due   to   the exceptional   situation   caused   by   the   Covid-19   pandemic,   the   Regional State   Administrative   Agencies    (Aluehallintovirasto)    have   imposed restrictions on the organisation of public events.  According to the Regional State Administrative Agencies, public events and general meetings of less than 50 people are allowed from 1 June 2020.

The   maximum   number   of   people   at   TYY's   leased   premises   has   been temporarily redused in order to comply with the restrictions carried out by   the   Regional   State   Administrative   Agencies.   At   the   same   time, sufficient   safety   distances   in   relation   to   the   size   of   the   premises   are maintained.

The   maximum   number   of   allowed   people   during   events   held   at   TYY'srental premises is as follows:

  • Q-house grand hall can host up to 50 people
  • Vähä-Heikkilä can host up to 25 people
  • TYY sauna can host up to 25 people
  • Turku hall can host up to 25 people (bookable only until Midsummer,18 June)

The   person   renting   the   place   is   responsible   for   ensuring   that   there strictions are complied with. In addition, the renter must collect a list of participants during the event by writing down the name of the participant and adding some contact information so that the person, if needed, can later be contacted. The purpose of gathering a list of participants is to enable health authorities to follow up on the possible spread of infections.

Moreover,   the   renter   must   follow   the   authorities'   recommendations   on safety distances and hygiene on the premises.

► Read the instructions of the authorities

In addition, TYY's loan items can be reserved again.

► See detailed descriptions and booking instructions of facilities and rental items

If we have to change the booking policies of the premises from the ones mentioned above, we will communicate about it using our channels. Those who have already made a reservation will be contacted in person.