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TYY’s Mexico project's annual report 2015 ready

News | 3.5.2016

TYY has been doing long-term development cooperation with Wixarika indigenous people in Mexico. The current project 2014-2016 has focused on supporting high school in Santa Catarina, in the state of Jalisco. The aim is to get the school public status so that the teachers would get their salary from the state. The project also aims to make school’s operations sustainable. The second aim of the project has been improving our partner's, AJAGI’s administrative capacity.

TYY has just returned the report of 2015 to the Foreign Ministry of Finland. The project gets Ministry’s financial support and is partly funded with students’ donations. The project was mostly proceeding as planned although some of the activities had to be postponed to 2016.

What was successful in 2016:

  • Teaching was organised in school during whole year
  • 5 teachers were working in the school. Only 1 got salary on regular basis. Teacher are however committed to teach.
  • Since July school’s coordinator and director could get salary. This has improved administration and possibilities to make the school public in the future.
  • Our partner AJAGI was actively taking part of Santa Catarina community’s meetings.
  • AJAGI created and maintained relations with other indigenous people by attending different kinds of events.
  • Local networking and training improved as many Wixarika and Cora communities established common multicultural network.
  • AJAGI and Santa Catarina community work closely together with ITESO and Guadalajara University.

Challenging was:

  • Making school public has not proceeded as quickly has wished. On the other hand the cooperation with Guadalajara University will assist the process.
  • Due to late reporting, payments from TYY to AJAGI delayed.
  • AJAGI’s administration manual has been improving but it is not completed yet.
  • Some of the meetings and trips had to be postponed to 2016.

The project will end in 31 May 2017. TYY thanks all the students for donations.

You can read more about the project on TYY’s website and find as well the reports of 2014 and 2015 in Finnish.

More information: Satu Nurmi, Specialist, International Affairs,

Photo: Susanna Kujanpää