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TYY's instructions for organisations regarding the Coronavirus situation

sub-organisations | 13.3.2020

Updated 19 March.

TYY recommends following the Finnish Government’s suggestion that different activities, such as non-necessary meetings and hobbies should be restricted.  This means that various events and meetings with a large attendance should be cancelled for the time being. The Student Union will inform you about any upcoming changed when appropriate.

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In many organisations, the prohibition of meetings of more than 10 people particularly affects the organisation of regular meetings. The primary guidance in this situation is to arrange meetings remotely only if the remote meeting is permitted by the organisation's rules. If no mention is made, it is recommended to postpone the organisations's meetings to be held after the end of the exceptional circumstances.

The Associations Act as such does not know the procedure for postponing meetings unlawfully, but the general interpretation is that if meetings cannot be held due to an obstacle, they must be held once the obstacle has been removed. The regional government agencies have issued an injunction prohibiting general meetings and public gatherings of more than 10 people. In practice, this is an obstacle for all organisations to hold meetings, as meetings must be open to all members. Board meetings can be held remotely anyway.

In short:

1. Organise the organisation's spring and other statutory meetings remotely only if explicitly stated in the bylaws and at a meeting that can adequately safeguard members' rights and opportunities to participate, such as by closed ballot.

2. Postpone meetings to be held after exceptional circumstances if a meeting cannot be held remotely.

For more information:

SOSTE Association Guidelines for Nonprofit Organisations

National Board of Patents and Registration

Allianssi Association Tips for Nonprofit Organisations

Financial Support

The application time for activity support will remain the same, until 31 March 2020. If, for the above reasons, you have not been able to arrange a meeting of the organisation for approval of the financial statements and the report of the Executive Board, attach the final documents, even if they have not been approved. The last option, if these are not available, is to attach the approved documents of last year to the application. Regardless of the situation, activity support will be processed within the normal timeframe and will be paid during May-June.


For the time being, TYY's premises cannot be booked, and reservations already made are cancelled. We are constantly reviewing the changing situation. The University premises will be closed from Wednesday 18 March 2020 until 13 April 2020, and access rights will be restricted. This also applies to organisations’ facilities in university buildings, which are therefore inaccessible at this time.

Other issues

If you have already made an event in the event calendar on TYY’s website and it has been cancelled or will be cancelled, please do not remove the event. Instead, modify the headline to include the text “CANCELLED”.

TYY encourages organisations to stay in contact online. We will also offer our services (such as councils, trainings) online.  We can also discuss about this during our info session on Thursday.

We recommend you to follow the authorities' communication:


TYY's office is available online.


Chair of the Executive Board
Sofia Engblom
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Specialist, Student organisations and Administration
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