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TYY's Executive Board 2019 has been elected – Chair is Sini Saarinen

News | 29.11.2018

The Student Union Council elected TYY's  Executive Board for 2019 on 28 November. Sini Saarinen was elected Chair and Otto Elomäki, Sofia Engblom, Risto Jokinen, Ville Keränen, Jeremi Nyyssönen and Johanna Pohjonen were elected members of the Executive Board.

"The year 2019 will be a super year due to several elections but the student movement has been preparing for this the whole year and the joint Political Platform has been ready since this summer, and only needs to be done. The University of Turku will receive a new rector, so we will also have internal changes in our community. I look forward to the next year with the Executive Board, as we will learn new things and work together on important issues! "Saarinen ponders the coming year. The new Executive Board of TYY will start orientation on their tasks right away.