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TYY's Development Cooperation Week is looking for organising team!

News | 24.3.2016

Come to organise Student Union’s Development Cooperation Week in October! The theme week is a collection of different types of events, lectures, fairs, culture, good food...or whatever we come up with together. Development Cooperation Week has been organised for several years in many Student Unions. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of development cooperation and increase understanding of being global citizen. In TYY the week has increased its popularity and versatility every year. This year's theme is the UN's Post 2015 Agenda. Development Cooperation Week will be held with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event coordinator has the primary responsibility for implementation of the week. Successful week needs of course enthusiastic volunteers. As a volunteer, you may want to work on communication, fundraising or event team. Organisers get valuable work experience and contacts as well as work certificate.

Volunteers will have their first meeting on Wednesday 13 April at 16.15 in Radbar, Uudenmaankatu 13. You do not need to sign up in advance just join us. We hope you are interested in development cooperation, previous experience is not a must. We offer volunteers many kinds of tasks in different teams, you can read more below. If you are interested in the tasks in a particular team, you can contact the coordinator. We are looking for team members and team leaders. Regardless of the team you choose, all will get to participate in the planning of the week!

► For further information and contacts: Coordinator Siina Alaranta

Communication and Marketing Team

The Communication and Marketing Team is responsible for the week’s information and marketing planning and implementation (both electronic and print) in cooperation with the Student Union's Communications Officer. If you have experience of InDesign or you want to learn how to use it, join this team. Are you week’s social media ninja or photographer? Even if you're not, any kind of writing, translating and innovation is wanted.

Fundraising Team

Fundraising team collects additional funds to supplement the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How? By contacting local businesses and communities that might be interested in sponsoring a week. Will Body Shop or someone else join us this time?

Event Team

Each day of the week there are events, so there is certainly enough work for everyone. Events will be organised in different parts of the campus and Turku with various partners. Multitasking and cow's nerves may therefore come in handy. Please visit our website for the past years’ programmes (see the link below) to get an idea.

Logistics Team

Rally drivers, tech wizards and road crews, Logistics Team is for you! Fuel costs will of course be compensated. Good logistics is essential for successful event! Therefore, Logistics Team does continuous cooperation with the Event Team.


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