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TYY's Christmas donations this year to Somalia and Zimbabwe

News | 5.12.2017

This Christmas you can donate to TYY’s two development cooperation projects. By donating you are supporting a good cause and get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

You can make a donation between 5th to 24th December. You can donate the amount you want. 

Donating is easy:

  • Select the desired target
  • Pay the desired amount to TYY's account: FI48 5716 9020 0256 10. Enter the name of the item in the message field (Somalia OR Zimbabwe).
  • You can download a Christmas card for yourself, which you can also send to your loved ones if you want to make the donation in their name.
    Download cards: Somalia OR Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society

TYY has supported Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society from December 2008. Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society supports the school-going and general well-being of 400 Zimbabwean orphans. The society manages children’s activity centre in Harare suburb in Dzivarasekwa.

This Christmas, donation goes to the children’s activity center's kitchen, which produces nearly 90,000 meals a year. "This year we have a lack of food. A hungry child cannot concentrate nor learn," says Oili Wuolle, the secretary general of Zimbabwen AIDS Orphans Society.

Read more about the association's activities:


Finnish Somalia network

The aim of the Finnish Somali Network’s Hiil Hooyo Healthcare Project is to make maternity clinic global. Currently, the mother and child mortality rates in Somalia and the Horn of Africa are the highest in the world and the mothers’ health monitoring is almost nonexistent. During the two-year project, midwives are trained at health clinics and e-learning is offered at three local universities. In addition there will be collaborating in village communities and raising awareness of the importance of health care during pregnancy.

"In Somalia, getting a child is still the most common cause of death among the young women. Only 6% of expecting mothers visit maternity clinic and 2/3 give birth without trained midwife. By raising awareness and training the midwives we can improve health care and women's sexual rights. It is therefore the best example of equality in Finland's 100th anniversary year", says Project Coordinator Sanni Isometsä from Finnish Somalia network.

Read more about the association's activities:

The National Police Board of Finland has permitted the Student Union of the University of Turku to collect donations to the projects mentioned above. Collection licence number RA/2017/644, valid 19.6.2017-21.5.2019 in Finland (except Åland).