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TYY's 0.7 donation supports projects in India and Burkina Faso

News | 7.11.2017

Text: Kira Heikelä, TYY's Development Cooperation Wing

Photo: JYY's Bal Rashmi project in India

TYY has paid the second part of its 0.7 donations in October. This year 0.7 projects are the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä’s project in India and Teria Sira’s project in Burkina Faso. TYY donates 0.7 % of its operating budget to annually changing targets. 0.7 supports projects that are in line with the Agenda 2030 objectives.

Education and employment opportunities for the most disadvantaged groups

The Bal Rashmi project, supported by JYY is a long-term project directed at Bheels in Rajasthan. Bheels face problems with illiteracy and child malnutrition. The project has distributed interest-free loan to community’s women to enable them to create business opportunities independently. The project is reported to assist hundreds of women. Other measures to promote well-being in the community include for example support for young people at risk of quitting school, support for health programmes, raising awareness and different kinds of peer support groups.

Teria Sira’s  project focuses on women's entrepreneurship in particular. In Burkina Faso adult women’s literacy is only 28%, although women often have a great responsibility in the family. Currently the project involves 23 women and one man, all of whom receive regular basic education in literacy and numeracy and therefore can take advantage of their learning directly in their work. It is also important that the teaching takes place in the Dioula language. Although French is the official language of Burkina Faso, normal life and business happen in Dioula and competence in this language is important. The project takes place in Bobo, and Dioula is the language spoken in the entire area.

Keeping up the continuity

Prior to the second payment of the donations, TYY received mid-term reports from both projects. The Bal Rashmi project in India is in its final stages but the operations are partially maintained. With the donation local coordinator’s and fieldworkers' livelihoods as well as small office’s rent for the remainder of the year can be paid. This will ensure that the achieved results will not be wasted and awareness in the communities continues.

Teria Sira’s project in Burkina Faso cooperates together with the local women's organisation Mains de la Main. The organisation was previously teaching women in Bobo, but the operation had to be suspended in the absence of funds. With TYY's donation, activities could be revived this year, and now a new group of students attend school from Monday to Friday in the afternoons. Donation funds have been used for teachers' salaries and teaching materials, as well as for renting a teaching room, and for the coordinator who locally supervises the activities. Teria Sira also collects funds for its activities, for example through membership fees and dance classes in Finland.

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