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TYY's 0.7% development cooperation projects were selected for 2019

News | 2.5.2019

Photo: Uganda Girl Guides Association, Scout organisation in Uganda that is another partner in the project.

TYY sets an example for its members, organisations and society by following the 0.7 principle in its operations. The amount to be donated this year is € 5473 and it will be shared between two organisations.

This year, the focus is on education, equality and sustainable development, which are in line with Finland's development cooperation guidelines, SYL's development cooperation priorities and Agenda2030.

Call for 0.7 % targets of 2019 was open from March 4 to March 17 and TYY received a total of 10 applications. TYY's Executive Board decided on targets proposed by the Development Cooperation Wing. The chosen targets of 2019 are African Care Association's project in Somalia and The Guides and Scouts of Finland's project in Uganda.

”Warm thanks to the Student Union of the University of Turku! With your support, African Care trains village midwives in Somalia. The long distances make giving birth very risky for women living in the countryside. The work of trained villagers saves lives. In training, they will learn to identify risks and thus guide women to a clinic or hospital, if necessary. Midwives also get the tools and skills to use them in childbirth, "commented Batulo Essak, director of the African Care Association.

Photo: Staff of Childbirth Clinic in Somalia

Laura Kanninen, chair of the Uganda project team, commented as follows:

“The #NoMissedSchoolDays project aims to promote education and gender equality in Uganda by supporting girls' schooling. It is estimated that one in ten girls in sub-Saharan Africa will leave school during menstruation. The purpose of the project is to instill the care of menstrual hygiene and gender sensitivity into an integral part of the scouting programmes of the Ugandan scout organisations. By increasing gender-sensitive information and skills, the project will prevent girls from dropping out of school and promote their community status and participation in decision-making. The project also gives Finnish society the tools to deal with gender stereotypes through the scouting method.”
The donations are paid in two installments. The first payment was made in April and the second in September when the organisations have first submitted a short report on its activities to TYY.

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