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TYY's 0.7% autumn donations to Nepal and Nigeria

News | 15.10.2020

Picture: Bolatito Ironbar and four girls whose training FinnWID has supported this year

In the spring, the Student Union of the University of Turku decided on 0.7% development cooperation projects for 2020. The Swallows of Finland’s (Pääskyt ry) project in Nepal and FinnWID's project in Nigeria were selected as this year's targets. In the selection of donations, the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 goals in the project was emphasised. Besides, geographical location and diversity of projects were taken into account. This year, € 2,735.50 has been donated to both projects, half in the spring and half in the autumn. Both associations have sent TYY reports on the projects to date.

The Swallows of Finland development cooperation project in Nepal, which began in 2019, together with the Nepalese partner organization NAFAN, focuses on improving food security and livelihoods in the Chepang and Tamang communities. From the beginning of 2020, the project will strengthen the specific capacity of self-help groups and cooperatives, as well as forest user groups. COVID-19 made the project difficult, especially in late spring. During the summer, the Nepalese government eased restrictions, which facilitated the promotion of project activities at the village level. During the monsoon season, the planting of tree seedlings will continue. So far the project has directly benefited 1,302. Therefore, there has been a positive development in the participation rate of women over the past year.

Picture: digging the soil in Nepal

FinnWID - Women in Development Cooperation project in Nigeria together with the Nigerian ENCATIP coalition, which is focused on preventing human trafficking by influencing on its causes, for example, the weak economic position of women and the resulting vulnerability. The project, which began in January 2020, has supported the education and livelihood of a young woman at four risk groups. By this time, they have completed an internship at each stage of their studies, followed by a second training.

Agenda 2030 goals implemented in the Swallows of Finland project: No poverty, 2. Zero hunger, 5. Gender equality and 13. Climate action. 

Agenda 2030 goals implemented in the FinnWID's project: 4. Quality education, 5. Gender equality, 10. Reducing inequalities. 

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