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TYYlikäs vappu is almost here

News | 7.4.2020

TYYlikäs Vappu is almost here!

TYY Vappu will be held remotely, and organisations are advised to follow guidelines and restrictions. This means that no physical events should be organised, also students are not encouraged to gather anywhere. In addition to remote Vappu, we have decided to organise a common celebration of starting a new academic year later in autumn. This will bring Vappu celebrations to autumn! Feel free to consider in your organisation whether you want to move the Vappu celebration to event 240 days until Vappu. This message contains a lot of information about remote Vappu and its celebration in autumn. Therefore, please,
read this message carefully and come join us in Vappu celebration.


TYY remote Vappu 2020:

27-29 April Organisation's Vappu events
30 April Vappu drinks on balcony, throwing up hats in the air, washing the Liljan patsas sculpture and putting a hat on it
1 May Picnic at home

Start of the autumn:

10 September Event - 240 days until Vappu
10 September TYYlikäs avaus party

Organisation's events remotely

TYY has created a Facebook event called TYYlikäs vappu. TYY will update the event with its own events, but in addition, we also hope that organisations will organise some events at the beginning of Vappu week (from Monday to Wednesday). We will link all the events hosted by organisations to TYYlikäs vappu Facebook event on the 20 th April. Here is the link of the event itself:
So please, plan a remote event open for all students together with your organisation. At first, coming up with ideas for remote events may be difficult. However, ideas can be related to everyday student events: sitz parties, board game evenings, movie evenings, theme parties. All of these can be held online! The Chairs of organisations have discussed and brainstormed about organising remote events during a Chair meeting earlier in March. These ideas can be found in the Facebook group called TYY: Järjestöltä järjestölle. Please send us the following information about the events to by 19 April.
Name of the event and organiser
Link to the Facebook event or website
Name and date of the event
We will promote the events in our social media channels, and you can also promote them to your members.

TYY Vappu traditions and throwing up hats in the air

On Vappu eve, TYY will organise balcony punch party. We hope that many people will take part from their own homes. Throwing up hats in the air and the speech given by the Student Union will be organised remotely. However, everyone is able to participate online straight from his or her homes. In addition, the traditional washing of the Liljan patsas sculpture and putting a hat on it will be done remotely. On Vappu day, TYY will organise a home picnic which we hope everyone will attend online from their homes. More detailed information about the events is coming soon. Moreover, TYY will organise the flag procession as a video collage. For this to happen, we hope all organisations will make a video of their own flag. Please send us the video following the guidelines to by the 15 April.
Video instructions:
Length of the video: 2-3 seconds
Video description: Horizontally, so that the person carrying the flag and the flag itself are fully visible.
Carrying the flag: Move the flag from the left side to the right side.
Person carrying the flag: wear overalls and, if you have, a hat.
Name the video:

Event 240 days until Vappu and TYYlikäs avaus

Vappu is the most important event of the year, bringing together a huge number of students. At the beginning of autumn, we would like to organise a one-day Vappu celebration that would combine the core
elements of this event: community, diversity and the feeling of being together. On 3 September, we will be hosting an event where all organisations are welcome. The idea is to create a mixture of Vappu punch drinks, Vappu picnic and campus orientation where you can take part in getting to know the surroundings and hang out with your both old and new friends. Therefore, it is the task of organisations to bring out the diversity of different fields by organising some activities and/or Vappu punch drinks. The Student Union will coordinate the event, and we will inform you as soon as possible about any updates regarding the planning of this event. Turku's biggest exceptional party, also known as TYYlikäs avaus, will be held of the 10 September. Feel free to save the date!

Any questions?

The TYY Office is still providing its services remotely, so feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email. You can find our contact information in the following webpage: Let us stay in touch!