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TYY supports education of the most vulnerable children in Bolivia and Nepal

News | 24.4.2018

Photo: TYY’s 0.7 % target Physicians for Social Responsibility is actively improving educational opportunities of hearing and visually impaired children in Nepal.

At its meeting in April, the Student Union of the University of Turku decided on the 0.7 % targets for this year. TYY allocates 0.7 per cent of its operating funds to development cooperation and the sum is annually divided between two projects. In March organisations could apply for the funding and a total of five really good applications were received. TYY Development Cooperation Wing suggested two options to the Executive Board of the Student Union and the proposal was accepted.

This year's 0.7 development cooperation projects include the Svenska Hörselförbundet rf’s project in Bolivia and the project of the Physicians for Social Responsibility in Nepal. Both projects support the education of the underprivileged children and their parents. The applications explained well the great need for funding and what exactly could be done with the help of TYY.

“With the help of TYY, we can organise a two-day camp in South Nepal, Bara, where children's vision and hearing problems are being screened and children and their families will get support and help they need to enable children to take part in the school “ says Operations Director Mariko Sato.

Photo: Svenska hörselförbundet rf activities with the partner organisation APANH in Bolivia. The picture shows the hearing impaired Mathias Sánchez and Jayli Quiroz Flores, both of whom are involved in the project with their parents.

Svenska hörselförbundet rf also commented TYY’s choice: "Svenska hörselförbundet rf is a 30-year-old lobbying organisation whose task is to take care of interests of Swedish-speaking people with hearing disabilities. We are also an active player internationally. In 2015, we started a development cooperation project in Bolivia with the APANH organisation that helps hearing impaired children and their families. Together with our partner organisation, we want to ensure that the children with hearing impairment also have right to attend school in Bolivia. We are pleased to know that TYY also supports this important work in 2018.

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