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TYY is searching for a sub-organisation for distributing posters and advertisements on tables in Unica’s restaurants

News | 15.1.2015

TYY has ca. 100 A5-sized advertisement stands in Unica’s restaurants across the campus. Besides these, TYY also has official poster spots in many places.

A sub-organization of TYY to be responsible for the distributing the material is being sought for. The material will be distributed 10–12 times a year based on a schedule composed in co-operation with the sub-organization. The distribution will be compensated with a payment of 300 euros.

The criteria for the sub-organization to be chosen will take into account the necessity of the payment for the sub-organization’s fund raising. Requirements for the association are a Business ID (Y-tunnus) and being in the prepayment register.

Applications are to be made by filling the form below and the period for applying ends on Monday 26th January 2015 at 12:00. Applications will be handled anonymously. The executive board of TYY will decide the sub-organization on its meeting on week 5.