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TYY is searching for organisation to move the Student Union Office

Open positions | 11.2.2016

The renovation in Student House A starts at the beginning of April 2016. The Student Union Office will move temporarily to the second floor of Student House B. The move will take place by the end of March.

TYY is searching for an organisation to move the furniture and other property of TYY and Student Newspaper Tylkkäri offices.

The assignment includes:

  • Moving furniture and other property from Student House A to the temporary office space in Student House B on 29 and 30 March.
  • Assisting in other parts of the move, such as carrying furniture to storage space.
  • Taking part in meetings that concern moving preparations in March.

The organisation will be paid 500 euros. If the work load turns out to be bigger than initially estimated the fee can be raised. The assignment can be shared by two or more organisations.

We require ability to perform the given task thoroughly in schedule. The organisation has to commit to the moving dates announced above. Because the assignment includes carrying furniture and other property, it is essential that at least 8 persons participate in moving.

We also require that the organisation has Business ID of an association and that the organization is registered in the prepayment register.

As an advantage can be seen how many persons from organisation are ready to participate in the assignment. Also previous experience from moving or corresponding duties and motivation as well as the need for the fee are taken into account.

The deadline for applying is 21 February at 23.59 and the decision is made in the Student Union Board meeting during week 8.

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For more information:

Virva Viljanen

Specialist, Student Organisations

tel. +358 44 796 1065