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TYY is looking for an organisation to sell tickets at Welcome Party on 16 January 2020

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Open positions | 22.11.2019

A joint Welcome Party between TYY, ÅAS, TUO and Novium will be held on Thursday 16 January 2020. TYY is applying for an organisation to sell tickets during the party in Marilyn and Vegas. At least two people are needed at the door of both night clubs to sell and check tickets. The shift starts at 21.30 and ends at 2.30. TYY pays a reward of EUR 200.

Any organisation of the Organiser Quarter (TYY, ÅAS, TUO and Novium) can apply by filling out the application form by Monday 2 December 2019 at 23.59.

The selection criteria are based on the significance of the reward for the organisation's operations and the organisation must be prepared to perform the task. The organisation must be on the prepayment register.

Thank you for the applications! The applicants will be notified after the meeting of 5 December.

For more information:

Satu Nurmi

TYY’s Specialist for International Affairs