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TYY International Award for Mañana ry

News | 12.12.2017

TYY International Award is granted to TYY organisation, which has involved international students in their activities and events and paid attention to communication in English. This year TYY International Award was granted for the second time and the tradition is to continue in the coming years.

Choosing Mañana for the award was justified as follows:

"TYY wishes to thank Mañana for its activities for the benefit of international students. The merits of the organisation were the inclusion of international students as well as any students regardless of their faculty.

During the year Mañana has organised several events that have been targeted at international and domestic students, which was one of TYY's criteria for this year. In addition, the organisation has developed its international activities during the past year. "

"We have been an international organisation for a long time, and our Fiesta Latina event has been always popular among the international students. This year, we emphasize internationality in our action plan. We are truly grateful for the award", says Pinja Rinne, Chair of Mañana.

Rinne challengesTYY's organisations to be active and open towards international students. “You can meet international students for example in events like Welcome Fair.”
In addition to the winner, TYY gave an honourable mention to ELSA Turku ry for its exemplary international activities.