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TYY improves its level of internationalisation in decision-making

News | 10.2.2016

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) received last year “the Language Deed of the year” award. One of the reasons was that TYY involves international students in its decision-making. This year TYY improves its level of internationalisation further.

University of Turku was especially thanking TYY for offering international students opportunities to participate in decision-making. This year, TYY will continue to develop its operations even more international.

This year, the meetings of the Student Union Council are interpreted simultaneously into English. In addition, more and more of the Student Union decision-making documents are translated into English. For TYY internationalisation is an important value, emphasizes the member of the Student Union Executive Board, Tuomas Dahlström.

- We want to have truly international role and get international students more actively involved in our activities. We also aim to offer local students better chances to establish international contacts here at their own university, so called “internationalisation at home” Dahlström tells.

Several new documents are now found in English at the Student Union’s English website, including the Budget 2016, Plan of Action 2016, Description of the activities of TYY's Wings and The lines of TYY's company cooperation.

- Improving decision-making possibilities in English requires of course financial resources. However we feel that internationalisation is an integral part of our operations and it is important to invest in this, Dahlström tells.

The internationalisation is strong throughout the University of Turku. The well-known Times Higher Education magazine estimated in January that the University of Turku is among 200 most international universities in the world, being the only Finnish university on the list.

Check out Student Union Executive Board’s decisions in English

Questions about internationalisation at TYY?

Member of the Executive Board Tuomas Dahlström, International Affairs:

Specialist in International Affairs, Satu Nurmi:


Original text: Hannu Aaltonen
Photo: Timo Kovala: "International Office pre-vappu 2014