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TYY donates to the victims of the refugee crises and organises activities in Heinänokka reception centre

Release | 14.9.2015

Student Union of the University of Turku release 14.9.2015

The Student Union of the University of Turku was chosen as the winner of “the Language Deed of the year” in the Opening Carnival. The Executive Board of TYY decided last week to donate the prize to the victims of the refugee crises. Students will also have an opportunity to organize language and culture lessons and other free time activities for the asylum seekers.

Previous week TYY won “the Language Deed of the year” prize. The price is worth EUR 1500 and it was awarded to the Student Union at the Opening Carnival of the academic year 2015-2016. Student Union Executive Board has decided to donate the prize money to the victims of the refugee crisis.

TYY donates 1000 euros to Red Cross's disaster fund. With remaining 500 euros students can organise activities for the asylum seekers at Heinänokka reception centre.

- Our plan is that the voluntary "Finnish as a second language" teacher students start giving Finnish language classes in Heinänokka. TYY will also support volunteer students who want to organise free time and leisure activities for the asylum seekers. Reimbursed costs can be for example material or transportation costs, says Julia Litokorpi, member or the Student Union Board.

During autumn TYY aims to arrange various cultural and sports events, such as football matches.


University Chaplains of Turku support students work

The refugee crisis is acute, and people's willingness to help has been seen in Red Cross’ full courses. Now also TYY wants to offer its members easy ways to help.

University Chaplains of Turku are involved in supporting the voluntary students.

-All volunteering students will attend informative meeting before going to the reception centre, chaplains will also offer students opportunity to deal with their emotions and experiences afterwards, says Litokorpi.

By donating the prize money TYY wishes to show good example. According to the University Act, the student unions must carry out one's mission as an educator as well as encourage its members to influence and think critically. TYY feels that communicating about the crises and activating its own members this task can be effectively carried out.

Andreas von Weissenberg, the Head of the International Disaster Funds thanks TYY for the donation. The donated sum is targeted to the current refugee situation in which the money goes precisely to the help of the victims in Finland and in the countries of origin.
Get Involved and organize activities for the asylum seekers in Heinänokka