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TYY congratulates the 40-year-old Centre for Language and Communication Studies

News | 24.5.2019

Photo: Hanna Oksanen 

TYY attended the 40th anniversary of the Centre of Language and Communication Studies on Tuesday. TYY cooperates closely with the centre, and over the years, the cooperation has included joint meetings between the management and TYY's representatives, a feedback survey and the participation of student representatives in the recruitment days for new teachers.

“Cooperation with TYY has always been smooth and worthwhile. Our regular meetings are a pleasure to go to! Students are at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to support and help students develop the language, culture, communication and working life skills they need for successful study in the university and in beyond in working life. Working with TYY over many years has helped give us an insight into students’ changing needs and requirements and helps us keep up with the means of benefitting them in the best possible way”, comments Michael Nelson, the director of the Centre for Langauge and Communication Studies.    

It has been particularly important for the Student Union that the feedback from students has been reviewed together with the staff, so it has been possible to think together about how students' wishes could be best realised in practice. In addition, TYY considers important investing in Finnish language studies for international students, as Finnish language skills are very important for employment and integration.

Congratulations KieVi!

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