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TYY is applying for funding for a development cooperation project with Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland

News | 23.3.2020

According to Unicef, in addition to access to clean water, poor sanitation is a major contributor to disease and poverty. A joint project by TYY and the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland (Huussi ry) will be located in Zambia, where poor sanitation exposes people to many diseases and, for example, make it difficult for girls to go to school. Schools do not always have sufficient sanitary facilities, so girls, especially during menstruation, easily stay at home. Huussi ry is an association specialising in dry toilets and sustainable development, with experience in successful development projects. By focusing on sanitation, the project supports health promotion and education in local communities.

TYY and Huussi are jointly applying for funding for the project from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For example, TYY's role in the project is to communicate the project's themes, to produce info material and to support the project through fundraising. If TYY and Huussi get funding for the project, students will have unique opportunities to participate in student union's own development cooperation project as volunteers or by taking part in the project as part of studies. TYY has a long tradition of supporting development cooperation. For example, TYY donates 0.7% of its operating budget to development cooperation for a better world. The results of the funding of the project will be determined at the end of the year.

In March 1992, the United Nations declared World Water Day on 22 March. The purpose of the day is to highlight the importance of clean drinking water and sanitation in reducing poverty, disease and, in particular, deaths in children. The sixth objective of the UN Agenda 2030 is to provide clean water and sanitation to all people in the world. Today, only 39% of all people have access to a hygienic and safe toilet (UNDP, 2015). Happy World Water Day!

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