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TYY and organisations plead: "The decision about how teaching is organised in spring does not mean a whole spring of remote teaching"

commitment | 12.11.2020

The spring teaching arrangements were outlined in late October. Many members of the university community understood that the spring semester is mainly studied remotely. The Student Union and organisations cannot interpret the decision so narrowly.

The decision of the University's leadership is more detailed and guiding than the guidelines used in the autumn. In our opinion, for the decision to be implemented, Faculties, Departments and teaching staff mustn't translate it more restrictively than its wording.

In line with the decision, the Faculties and the Departments independently specify what they consider necessary for face-to-face teaching and what is offered in small group and supervision situations with the hybrid model. We believe that when defining necessary contact teaching the quality and purpose of teaching should be reflected, as well as the effects of the provision of contact teaching on students well-being and ability to study.

Even though there are different amounts of essential contact teaching to be considered in different fields, we consider it essential that all students in any fields are offered a hybrid model of teaching. Students are in unequal position if some students get hardly any opportunities for contact teaching and meeting the university community. Teaching should be organised according to the curricula in the long run. If the degree curriculum does not include small group instruction, it should be designed to implement the hybrid model.

Clear guidelines for organising teaching in the hybrid model should be drawn up to facilitate the work of teaching staff. Training and support should be provided for teaching staff to implement the hybrid model. Promoting co-education can facilitate the implementation of the model. We are pleased that steps have been taken to open up group workspaces, and efforts must also be made in the spring to make the widest possible use of the space, both in terms of study and organisations’ spaces.

According to the decision, the Faculties must ensure that the student receives personal guidance when he or she needs it. We consider the implementation of this guideline important and encourage the experimentation of new approaches, such as having walks meanwhile giving guidance.

According to our interpretation, at the end of the decision it is stated that when the epidemic situation is at a basic level, all small group teaching is mainly organised in a hybrid model. To guarantee the quality of education, it is important to ensure that restrictions are lifted as the epidemic situation subsides. Restrictions should not be maintained without justification. The teaching arrangements on Satakunta region campuses (Pori and Rauma) must be in proportion to the epidemic situation in the campus city, and not in proportion to the situation in Turku.

The decision on spring teaching arrangements does not mean that the whole spring is studied remotely. The realisation of contact teaching opportunities is necessary to guarantee the quality and goals of teaching, as well as to safeguard the well-being and study ability of students and the community spirit of the entire university community. Leadership, solution focus and pioneering are required to implement the hybrid model.

The Student Union and student organisations see spring teaching as the most successful by combining remote, hybrid and contact teaching. The policy provides a good opportunity for this, and with the cooperation of students and Faculties, we will achieve the best results.

We, the undersigned, 

The Student Union of the University of Turku

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