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TY's activity support was granted for 124 organisations

News | 23.5.2017

The Student Union TYY Executive Board has made the decision to distribute activity support for the year 2017. Link to the decision:

The total amount of activity support for this year was 72 100 euros. The support was granted for 124 organisations and the support will be paid in the beginning of June to the bank account designated in each application.

The amount of support for an individual organisation consists of the basic amount (200 euros for faculty and subject-specific organisations and 100 euros for student nations and other organisations) and an additional amount granted on the basis of points provided for organisational activities. Organisations of filial campuses in Pori or Rauma are also supported with an additional filial support.

The amount of the support is also influenced by the number of TYY members in the organisation and the surplus of organisation’s finances. If the surplus was equal or larger than the amount of support that can be granted to the organisation multiplied by six, the additional amount of activity support wasn’t granted.

The activity support is granted based on the regulation on organisations and financial support:

For more information TYY board member Matias Virta ( and Specialist in Student Organisations Lauri Lahoniitty (