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TYK ry welcomes the new international students!

News | 11.1.2018

Hi there!

We are the student organisation for the Chemistry and Biochemistry students of the University of Turku: Turun Yliopiston Kemistit ry or just TYK ry. Our aim is to work as a bridge between the students and the staff as well as the students and TYY. We also offer leisure time activities and events in various ways to entertain our members. TYK ry is the oldest student organisation in Turku and was founded in 1935. We have red overalls with black texts and they are a must-have for all students in our field.

At our Office (Toimisto), in the basement of Arcanum, you can – as a member –

  • drink coffee and tea free of charge,
  • take a look at old exams which are still quite valid,
  • use the computers and copier,
  • just hang around or catch some sleep on our cosy couches.

You are welcome to the Office every day at any time. A board member is at the Office on Tue, Wed and Thu at 12-13.15 and at those times you are able to pay your membership fee, buy some badges for your overalls, lab coats or enroll to our events.

To become a member you should be a chemistry or biochemistry student or just interested in those subjects and just visit us at our Office during our opening hours. Then you can pay the membership fee, which is in 2018 5 € / year or 20 € / 5 years. If you pay the fee in autumn, it’s valid for next year also.

Perks of being a member

  • Regular free sport & sauna turns
  • Movie & board game evenings on alternating weeks
  • TYK ry’s very own magazine Tykki - released twice a year in Finnish

(Our head editor would be grateful for all kinds of stories in English as well)

Also, join our Kinfo mailing list to get first-hand information about our

  • events
  • study and job matters
  • other important notices

Just send an email to . Title and content are unimportant. Reply to the confirm message without any changes to the title or content. This is the most reliable way to join.

If you need to leave the mailing list, just send an email to and do the same steps as when joining the list.

Kinfo emails are mostly in Finnish and that’s why our board member responsible for international affairs is maintaining a Facebook group where all important information is posted in English! For further instructions on joining the group, please contact Matti (


Contact information

Postal address:

Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK ry


Vatselankatu 2

20014 Turun yliopisto

Phone number:

02 333 6833