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Twelve people are applying for TYY Executive Board 2020

News | 19.11.2019

Nominees for TYY's next Executive Board have been published: A total of twelve people are applying for the Executive Board. One of them applies for the position of the chair and eleven applicants are candidates for the Board.

The Student Union Council will elect the Executive Board at its meeting on Wednesday, 27 November 2019. The proposals for the composition of the Executive Board came from the Council Groups.

The Student Union Board consists of a chair and five to seven board members, all of whom must be eligible members of the Student Union.

Chair candidate:

  • Sofia Engblom, Ryhmä Lex

Member candidates:

  • Roosa Hietalahti, Hybridiaani
  • Jenni Jäntti, Humanistilista
  • Veera Jäntti, Vihreä listä
  • Kristaps Kovaļonoks, humanistilista
  • Suvi Laaksonen, TSE-lista
  • Venla Nurminen, Vihreä lista
  • Camilla Saarinen, Ryhmä Lex
  • Jami Salonen, TSE-lista
  • Samuli Tähtinen, TSE-lista
  • Mari van den Berg, Soihdunkantajat
  • Aliisa Wahlsten, Hybridiaani

You can check out all the applicants here (mostly in Finnish)