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Turku Student Magazine searches sub-organizations to distribute the newspaper to stands, TYS houses and city in the fall of 2016.

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News | 27.4.2016
  • Stands: Turku Student Magazine has over 20 stand around the campus and couple in the city. Reward for the fall distribution is 500€.
  • TYS: Turku Student Magazine will be distributed to TYS houses, for example Halinen and Student Village. The reward for each distribution is 300€.
  • City distribution: The city number will be distributed to the people in the city center. The issue will be published on 30.9. The reward is 500€.

Turku Student Magazine will be published four times in the fall. The schedules of the distribution will be agreed with the Editor in Chief. The publishing days will be Thursdays and Fridays.

The criteria: how many people can attend, motivation and how much the organization needs the reward. The participation to early year’s distribution will be take into consideration.

The sub-organization should have a VAT identification number (y-tunnus) and be in the prepayment register (ennakkoperintäreskisteri).  Having a car is a plus. The car’s gas costs are compensated.

Written applications are to be submitted by Monday 9.5.2016 by e-mail to

The selection will be made by the Executive Board of the Turku Student Magazine.

The official (Finnish) announcement you can find in this link:

For more information:

Editor in Chief Lauri Hannus (, tel 045 356 4517