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For the time being, yellow time will continue in TYY

News | 5.1.2022

Library opening hours edited to this news article on 10 Jan

Due to the coronavirus situation, we recommend that student organisations avoid organising events for the time being.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland has banned all indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings in the region of Southwest Finland on 15 January, regardless of the number of people. The Regional State Administrative Agency has also ordered the closure of venues that are open to the public. Restrictions cannot be lifted by using a corona passport. A notice of the decisions of the Regional State Administrative Agency can be found here:

Many student gatherings are not public events or general meetings. However, TYY still recommends not to oganise private events as well.

The facemask is recommended to be used whenever people are in contact with each other both indoors and outdoors when a sufficient distance cannot be maintained. The recommendation also applies to vaccinated individuals.

At the University, the third period is mainly distance learning - University returns to contact teaching when possible

The university has outlined that the third period will be organised mainly by distance learning until 21 January. University will issue further regulations at the latest on 19 January. The university will return to contact teaching as soon as possible.

To TYY it is very important that, in accordance with the current guidelines, only teaching that is pedagogically possible and sensible to implement as distance learning is actually organised remotely. Overinterpreting the policy would be unreasonable for learning, community, and student well-being. It is important that the policy of emphasizing the possibility of contact teaching for first- and second-year students is implemented in all fields.

► The guidelines of the University of Turku can be found here:

TYY is concerned about the closure of the university library

The University Library is closed for the time being. TYY will be in contact with the library and strives to make the library services that support the study and research available to students as widely as possible.

Edit: Libraries will be open for University community on Jan 10. Read more.

TYY will update its instructions when the guidelines of the regional government agency or university change.

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