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There's no room for harassment in student culture

commitment | 2.12.2020

There has been conversation on social media about experiences of harassment and inappropriate behaviour in student culture. The conversation has focused mostly on teekkari culture (the culture of students in engineering), but students from many different fields have come out with their own experiences.

TYY and Teekkarikomissio state that there is no room for harassment, bullying or inappropriate activities in student culture or teekkari culture, and these issues should not be ignored. Teekkarikomissio is the umbrella organisation of all teekkari-organisations in Turku, you can read their statement on the topic here:

The Student Union provides organisations and members many means on how to intervene in harrasment and inappropriate behaviour. The Council of the Student Union approved a new equality programme for TYY for 2021-2024, and it will be put in the practice next year by e.g. trainings for organisations and equality guide. In the same meeting the Council approved TYY's priniciples for safe space and TYY will support its organisations so that they can make their own principles.

Everyone can create safe space with their own actions in student culture and intervene in inappropriate behaviour when one faces that kind of behaviour. One can contact TYY's harrasment contact persons if one comes across with harrasment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour. You will find the contact information of harrasment contact persons here: