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Super tutors Pauliina Hyvärinen and Suvi Laaksonen made students feel welcome in the university community

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News | 5.12.2019

Each year we reward a super tutor and an international super tutor. The tutor plays an important role in the early stages of studies and by rewarding super tutors, we want to pay tribute to the work of our great tutors and make tutoring a visible part of the Student Union. The super tutors are selected by the Executive Board of TYY on the basis of proposals from first-year students.

The super tutors of 2019 are Pauliina Hyvärinen and Suvi Laaksonen.

Pauliina Hyvärinen (on the left) has done an exemplary job as a tutor and warmly welcomed her new students. She has seen to it that her new students are introduced more widely to students of the same study subject and the fact that they know how to be in the right place at the right time. She is empathetic, listens, and can advise and help in any situation. She has spent a lot of time with her students both in tutoring and during her spare time.

Suvi Laaksonen has done an excellent job as an international tutor. She is helpful, caring, and made the students feel welcome. She has excellently introduced her students to the Finnish student culture and local students. She has also helped with practical things like getting a bike. She was proposed in several applications.

We asked Paulina and Suvi what the prize meant to them and what was best in tutoring.


“For me, this award means successful tutoring and happy moments. I have completed my honor as a tutor, I think successfully, which in itself brings me a good mood. Tutoring really matters to the new student, and no one can downplay its value. You will feel a sense of success when you notice that the group has successfully grouped together and each has at least one new friend. Being a tutor is a great honor for everyone. Receiving such an award feels really good! The prize also goes to Marika and Marjut, who created the wonderful writing. "

"The best thing about tutoring is giving help and getting to know new people. Everyone will definitely remember how exciting it is to start in a new study institute and possibly in a new city. I feel that tutoring is successful if I can provide joy and help, both in the beginning and throughout their studies. Feelings of happiness come from seeing students make friends and enjoy the new place to study and the environment. Your own positive attitude plays a big role in how students get involved in different events and organisations and in how they approach learning. "


"This award means to me that I have managed to fulfill my duties as an international tutor. I am glad that I have managed to be support and assurance for the students, as well as helped them in their challenges during their entire exchange period. I am very happy for the prize and that the students clearly appreciate the work I have done for them. "

“The best thing about tutoring is that it gives me more than what it takes. I remember how dreadful I was last autumn when I heard that I would be in charge of 6 tutees instead of 2-3 tutees. At the moment I can say that even though the first few weeks were a bit tough, being an international tutor has been a very positive and educational experience. As an international tutor, it has been best to get to know people from all over the world. I've certainly learned as much about their culture and habits, than what I have taught them about Finland and Finnish culture. For me, the most important thing has been to create a good team spirit and I feel that our tutor group has become a dense team where everyone dares to be themselves. I have found it absolutely wonderful to get to know each of my tutees and I believe we will be friends for the rest of our lives. ”

Congratulations to our super tutors!