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Summer info for students

News | 31.5.2022

TYY has gathered an information package for summer studies and summer livelihood, health care and TYY's services available. We wish every student a happy summer! 

Starting studies

Exhange students will receive Certificate of Admission by email. Students need to confirm their study plave in SoleMOVE using the link provided upon admission to the University of Turku.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students need to accept their study place first. After that, they have to register with the university. If you pay tuition fees the deadline for the payment is 31 July. Follow the instructions in the admission letter.

Registration as attending student is done by paying the Student Union membership fee by 31 August. Your will receive a separate email with detailed instructions for registration. More info here.

You will receive an email when your new study right and Student Union fee payment have been entered into the university's study register. See further information here.

After that you can get to know for example The orientation program and How to get started in Turku.

Summer Studies

There are study possibilities also in summer! More info in University of Turku intranet. 

Livelihood During Summer

Students can get financial aid from Kela for post-comprehensive school education. This quick guide explains the types of financial aid that could be relevant for you. More info here in Kela website. 

Jobs can be found for example here.

FSHS and Healthcare 

FSHS serves students throughout the summer. But summer service provisions are scaled to the estimated lower summertime service demand.

FSHS’s digital and remote services operate in a normal manner throughout summer. Larger service units in all FSHS service areas are also open throughout summer. In the meantime, smaller service units are open in stages during the summer season from 20th of June to 7th of June 2022. If necessary, you can book a remote appointment or an in-person appointment for the nearest open FSHS service unit.

More info and the openin times here.

TYY Service Dest

TYY Service Desk is closed between 23 June to 31 July. Rental spaces cannot be booked when TYY Service Desk is closed.

Unica Restaurants

Some of Unica Restaurants will be open during summer and serve student-priced lunches.

Check more here

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