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Suggest organisation for TYY International Award

News | 31.10.2016

TYY International Award competition is organised this year for the first time. In the competition students or organisations can propose their own or other organisation for the winner of the award. When choosing the winner, we will use as a guideline TYY Internationalisation Instructions that was approved in the meeting of the Executive Board on 27 October.

The guidelines that are mentioned in the instructions are for example:

  • Events' suitability for international students
  • Organisation's website in English 
  • Weekly infomails in English/ e-mail lists for English communication
  • Translations, e.g. making posts in social media in English
  • Taking care of interests of international students
  • Responsible person for the international affairs in the board

If the organisation meets some or all of these criteria and has other good qualities, suggest it to TYY by 30 November! The best applicant wins TYY International Award 2016!

You can also suggest any TYY's organisation that meets some or all the requirements. The winner will be published and announced in December.

Apply or suggest by filling the form

In addition TYY has this autumn improved promoting international students’ interests by creating forum for international affairs, TYY International Council, that meets at least twice per semester to discuss about issues that concern international students.

Ask more:

Tuomas Dahlström, Member of the Executive Board, International Affairs,

Satu Nurmi, Specialist in International Affairs,