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Suggest the best teacher and the best course of the year 2022

Open positions | 13.4.2022
Good teaching and counselling are core tasks of the University. We are looking for candidates of highly qualified teaching and well-operating courses of 2021-2022. The proposals coming from students and colleagues are a great way to show appreciation for the proposed candidates.

The Teacher of the Year has been selected since 1994 and the Course of the Year since 2006. With the chosen candidates we can promote the importance of good teaching and guidance in the community.

The final decision will be made by the Rector of the University of Turku and the Chairman of the Board of TYY based on the suggestions by the Teaching and Learning Council of the University of Turku and the Student Union.

Teacher of the Year and the Course of the Year will be declared in the opening of the academic year of the University of Turku. The winners will be rewarded with prize.

Teacher of the Year

The emphasis is on interactive and inspiring teaching that promotes good study environments. Teaching has continued in exceptional and varying conditions. In selecting the Teacher of the Year emphasis will therefore be given to teaching that has inspired and created a community dispite the external conditions.

We want to underline the importance of the work of teachers. Attention is given to the following:

  •     everyday teaching
  •     student counselling
  •     development of teaching and
  •     combining research and teaching

Course of the Year

Teaching has continued in exceptional and varying conditions. In many courses this has meant changes to the plans. The ability inspire to learn and the creation of a group spirit are essential in a changing environment. We want to hear about courses and the methods they used to achieved that.

In the course of the year we want to emphasize best practices and models of a course, seminar or wider study programme. A good course can include for example interactivity, inspiring and a good learning atmosphere conducive teaching. The special focus is this year in diverse and insightful teaching and assessment methods.

Detailed criteria and guidelines can be found in the submission forms below. The proposal must be made by at least two students, TYY’s association, at least two staff members or by a department of the University. The suggestions made together by students and staff are especially appreciated.

Suggestions for Teacher of the Year and the Course of the Year should be sent by filling in the online form by 8th of May 2022, 23.59.

Suggest the Teacher of the Year

Suggest the Course of the Year