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Suggest active individuals and organisations to the Student Union

News | 2.10.2019

On its anniversary on Saturday, 9 Nov 2019, the Student Union of the University of Turku will grant marks of honour and recognition. TYY honour committee is seeking proposals from organisations concerning people who have actively participated in the activities of the Student Union or organisations or are otherwise close to the Student Union. Please submit your proposal before 20 Oct 11:59 P.M.

Proposals for each ribbon and badge are limited as follows: Ribbon of praise: 1 pc, the Badge of praise: 1 pc, the Table standard: 1pc, Union badge: 2 pcs and Union ribbon: 3 pcs. Please write your reasons for the proposal in short.

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List of those merited and awarded

More information: Petra Peltonen, Secretary General,, tel. 0400 551 931

Kuva: Lauri Liljenbäck

For more information:

Secretary General Petra Peltonen, puh. +358 40 055 1931