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sTYYlish May Day 100

News | 30.4.2022

Get your mead brewing, find your student caps from the dusty shelves, sew all your patches, fetch you picnic blankets from the summer storage... It's time for May Day to rise from the ashes and spread its wings to its former glory. Come witness the May Day comeback on 30.4.-1.5.!

May Day or "Vappu" is the Finnish version of Labour Day that we celebrate to honour working people. It is also the biggest student festival of the year, bringing together tens of thousands of students and other citizens of Turku.

April 30 at 17:30, the whole city gathers at the hill of Turku Art Museum to listen to music and speeches. At 6pm sharp, we all put on our students caps (ylioppilaslakki). The moment when thousands of students and alumni with their caps have gathered at Aurakatu is by far the most impressive part of Vappu, so you definitely don’t want to miss this moment! After the "capping" (Fin. "lakitus"), Vappu celebration continues at 18:30 in the Runeberg Park where dental students will wash the Lilja Statue.

For students, the day starts a bit earlier. Student organizations traditionally offer Vappu punches to drink around campus.

May 1 at 11-16, students and other citizens gather at Vartiovuorenmäki for a Vappu picnic. After all the Vappu extravaganza during the previous night, it's time to enjoy spring time in a relaxed atmosphere, eat traditional Vappu food and drink some mead (Sima) with friends.

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