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Students gave TYY plenty of ideas for developing Language Centre

News | 11.3.2016

Again this year TYY collected students' opinions on the Language Centre’s courses and practical arrangements. During three weeks we received a total of 289 responses. Two movie tickets were raffled among the respondents and the winner has been notified. TYY thanks everyone for the answers.

General results

Like last year, the majority of respondents (43%) study at the Faculty of Humanities. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences students accounted for 19% of the respondents and the third highest amount of responses (15%) came from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Faculty of Law and Medicine had both 8% of responses, Faculty of Education forming 7%. More than half of the respondents (53%) had started their studies during 2013-2015. Students who had started during 2010-2012 were also well presented and there were also students who had started their studies before 2010. This year only a handful of responses were given by international students.

The questionnaire consisted of statements using Likert scale and some open questions. Question were themed under several units such as compatibility of compulsory language studies and own faculty’s compulsory studies, additional language studies, languages and working life relevance and general questions related to the Language Centre. In addition, the students were asked to give ideas on language circles and tandem courses, the use of technology, the new premises, as well as ideas of alternative learning and summer studies. In addition students could give general feedback. Students responded enthusiastically when asked what other languages ​​should be taught at the Language Centre. Arabic received the highest number of votes. Many wished for Korean, Estonian, Portuguese and Swedish extra courses, as well as Dutch.

The survey results pointed out differences between the faculties. Based on the survey compulsory Swedish, English or Finnish communication courses were sometimes delaying graduation. On the other hand the communication between the faculty and the Language Centre has been especially successful in the faculties of Medicine and Education were no one mentioned that courses of languages and faculty’s own courses would have overlapped.

The students were satisfied with the new premises and the level of technology used in the courses, wishes for more information on alternative ways of studying as well as how the feedback is used

The survey asked students’ opinions on the Language Centre's new premises. Students liked especially bright, modern rooms but criticized the food and drink ban in the class rooms. The carpet is architect’s choice to improve the acoustics of the rooms, water bottles are allowed in the class rooms. Due to new premises the use of technology has been improved and many students feel that there is no need to increase the amount of technology in courses unless it significantly facilitates learning.

Students need more information about alternative ways of studying, especially if one’s faculty’s compulsory courses overlap with compulsory language courses. Many would be happy to study in the Open University or Summer University courses during summer if the courses for degree students were free of charge. Electronic exams were wished as well. Although basic courses could be done independently, many thought that contact teaching is the best way to learn. In addition, the students wished for more information on how to collect feedback from them is used.

There is high potential in tandem courses and language circles but students wish for more information about them. Some also wished for more levels on the groups and more possibilities to practise spoken Swedish. Perhaps there could be more cooperation with Åbo Akademi University.

Student Union’s international sector thanks everyone for answering the questionnaire. Feedback was presented at the Language Centre’s development day on Friday 11 March 2016. TYY’s international sector took part of the whole day and made sure that student’s voice was heard. Language Centre’s response on feedback will be published later on TYY’s website.

For more information:
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Tuomas Dahlström, member of the Executive Board, International Affairs

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