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Students gave Language Centre once again plenty of development ideas

News | 20.3.2017

Language Centre survey was conducted again this year in cooperation with TYY and the Language Centre. The survey was open from 6.-26.2. and it received 195 replies. The results and outcomes were presented to the Language Centre staff on 10 March. As a prize we raffled 2 sets of 2 movie tickets and the winners have been informed. Thank you all for participation!

General results

More than 50 % of the respondents had started their studies in 2015 or later. Previous years students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Humanities have been the most active respondents of Language Centre survey. This year students of Law formed the highes percentage of replies: 31 %. This was followed by  Humanities (17 %), Mathematics and Natural Sciences (16 %) and Medicine (15 %).  Social Sciences contributed to 12 % of replies, Education 5 % and TSE 4 %. Survey was also sent to Rauma and Pori but only few students answered.

Students were asked to evaluate the compatibility of obligatory language studies, optional language studies, Finnish for international students, flexible studying possibilities, working life and visibility of Language Centre. Statements were measured with Likert scale's (1-5) and the average grade was utilized in comparing faculties between eachother and previous years' results. In addition students could give open comments on which courses had delayed graduation, if there were some optional courses they did not fit in, summer study wishes, wishes about flexible studying, ideas for the Language Centre's visibility and general development ideas.

Students wish for extra Swedish courses

Previous years some students complained that problems with passing obligatory Swedish course had delayed their graduation. Language Centre has reacted by increasing amount of Swdish courses and now it seemed that obligatory Swedish courses were no longer a problem. Instead, students wished for more opportunities to improve their spoken Swedish and be more prepared for working life. Students were also very motivated in studying obligatory and optional courses during summer. It would be ideal if degree students could take courses for free in the Open University during summer. Students also wish that basic courses should start in spring semester, not only in autumn semester. Many students hoped there would be no longer obligatory attendance in the courses. So far attendance requirement has been 80 %. Even though many languages can be learned independently, it is challenging for teachers to plan contact teaching lessons if they cannot estimate beforehand how many students are present in the class.

Message from the students in a nutshell

Open comments and development ideas have been grouped by faculty and passed to the Language Centre anonymously. Below we have summarized the common wishes from students in every faculty.

  • No more obligatory attendance, especially in the voluntary courses
  • Several groups of same course: possibility to switch between the groups
  • Online courses & web-based learning to support flexible studying
  • Courses in later afternoon (especially in the Faculty of Medicine)
  • Lots of students work and this will increase (cuts in student aid), Language Centre should offer flexible study opportunities for the students
  • Extra Swedish courses to really improve spoken Swedish
  • Summer studies in several languages
  • Basic courses starting also in spring semester, not only in autumn
  • Oral language courses to improve speaking, not only grammar courses
  • Increase visibility: still some students have still not found enough information
  • Better information on how the Language Centre uses student feedback

Students comments and development ideas have been passed to the Language Centre anonymously. Language Centre will give it's own feedback and it will be published on TYY's website and Facebook. 

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