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The Student Union sub-organisations welcome you to their activities

News | 22.1.2015

The student union of the University of Turku (TYY) has almost 70 sub-organizations focused on different activities. In addition, there are over 70 subject associations and 4 student nations.

Here are messages from 5 different Student Union’s Sub-organisations, who wish to welcome international students to their activities.


Hey everyone!

I'm Synapsi's (student organisation of geography and biology) person in charge for international matters. Many of the geography students I have already met but the ones, especially biology students, who I don't know yet, welcome to participate in Synapsi's action!

I have created a Facebook group where I can add you if you wish as soon as I know your names :) There I'll translate e-mails concerning you in the Snapsi-list which is Synapsi's mailing list and let you know about different events. I hope you're all already registered there but if not I can help you to do that. 

Today (Wednesday 21.1) there's hanging out evening @ TYY sauna (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A, next to Proffan Kellari) from 18 pm and you're all welcomed. There we will tell you about the Synapsi activities and you have a good chance to get to know new people. Sauna is also available and some snacks will be served as well. Hope to see you there or in Synapsi's office! Feel free to contact me by e-mail or however you prefer.

Anniina Haaranen

Person in charge for international matters and YKL activity
Synapsi Ry


Dear Law Exchange students!

I warmly welcome you to International Law Students' Evening to Lex office (YO-talo A, 2nd floor) on january 29th starting from 7pm. Event is arranged by Law students' association Lex ry and European Law Students' Association (ELSA) in Turku and you'll get to know eachother and of course law students from Finland during different games and also general hanging. Later in the evening we're going to continue to the Lex partyhouse, Kirkkotie, where there will be a lot more students partying like never before! We'll offer you a little something to eat and drink, but if you wish, BYOB!

Please send signups to so we can prepare ourselves and also let us know if you have any allergies or special diets. Hope to see plenty of you in there! If you have any further questions, I'm more than happy to answer.

Best regards,
Milla Männistö,International secretary, Lex ry
and Elina Ryymin, Vice President Academic Activities, ELSA Turku
Oikeustieteen ylioppilaiden yhdistys Lex ry


Hey Chemistry and Biochemistry students!

Turun yliopiston kemistit ry. or just TYKry is a student organization for (bio)chemistry students. We organize different events and have good coffee. You are always welcome to our student room Toimisto, where you can hang out with other students, check the exam questions or sleep on the cosy couch. You’ll find us in the basement of Arcanum but also on the internet:

like Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK ry on facebook check our website  and join our mailing list:

Unfortunately all the information is at the moment only available in Finnish but our responsible for international affairs will be happy to help you. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Enni Mannila (


Enni Mannila
TYK ry

Forum Romanum

L'association d'étudiant des étudiants de la langue française

Si vous êtes intéressés à participer à nos activités, vous pouvez nous contacter par email Vous pouvez aussi suivre notre site Facebook pour voir les activités. Vous nous trouvez aussi sur Instagram @forum_turku.


Katri Laakso
Forum Romanum ry.


Hallo an allen deutschsprachigen/deutschstudierenden Studenten!

Germanica ry. is the small but active student organization of the German students in Turku University. We organize great parties, such as the Bierfest, and also smaller events directed at our members. Approximately once in a month we get together for different kinds of sports, such as skating and rock-climbing. We also host movie-nights and game-nights every now and then.

For questions about joining us or visiting our events, just contact our person in charge: Aino-Liina Salo ( or you can visit our facebook page at and our homepage at

Looking forward to seeing you this spring!


Aino-Liina Salo