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Student, Respond to the Survey on Internationality!

News | 27.3.2019

The University of Turku participates in the survey on internationality organised by the Coimbra Group among its member universities. With the survey, the participating universities can measure and evaluate their internationality. In the survey, the participating universities are also compared with each other.

— So far, the internationalisation of universities has been mostly examined separately from the perspective of either students or personnel. With the help of this survey, we will get a more versatile picture of the situation with these aspects combined, and we can also compare our situation to that of other European universities. The survey will provide us with information on good practices that we can utilise in developing our community. It is vital that as many students and members of personnel as possible respond, encourages Vice Rector Riitta Pyykkö.

With the help of the Global Education Profiler survey, the University of Turku collects views on three main themes from the students and personnel:

  • students' wishes and goals regarding internationalisation opportunities
  • the international readiness of the University of Turku graduates
  • personnel's internationalisation and views on internationalisation opportunities

Responding to the survey takes approximately ten minutes, and with the help of the results, the University develops its operations. The students and personnel have their own versions of the survey. The survey will be open for four weeks.

> Respond to the survey here!