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A student questionnaire on the accessibility of higher education

News | 22.3.2018

OHO! –project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, examines the accessibility of higher education, meaning how the environment and school culture supports the involvement and equality of the student.

We are mapping the accessibility of higher education at Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. By answering this questionnaire you can share your important opinion and your evaluation on accessibility and its realization at your higher education institution.
By accessibility of higher education we, in this questionnaire, mean how well e.g. the spaces, online systems, learning environments, teaching methods and atmosphere of the higher education institution enable the participation and equality of students who have different personal characteristics and who are in different life situations.
You answer the questionnaire anonymously and your answers will be kept confidential. Answering the questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 minutes and the questionnaire is available in  Finnish, English and Swedish. Further information on the questionnaire will be provided by project coordinator Reeta Lehto from the University of Turku. You can also contact her if you cannot answer the questionnaire by using the electronic form for whatever reason.


Answer to a questionnaire