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The strike on Friday 18 September will have effects in most of Finland

News | 16.9.2015

Several Finnish trade unions are getting ready for a demonstration and strike on Friday to oppose new government’s plans to change existing labour contracts.

The strike on Friday 18 September will have effects in most of Finland.

Some of the effects will be for example:

  • Buses are not moving between Friday 3.00 to Saturday 3.00. Some of the buses are however operating.
  • There will be no train connections between 6.00-18.00 on Friday.
  • Shops might be closed between 11.00-13.00 on Friday.
  • Schools and kindergartens should be open.
  • Some flights will be delayed or cancelled, stay up-dated on Finavia’s website.
  • Those working on media will work through the strike.
  • Some policemen are attending the strike.
  • Most of the post offices will be closed.
  • Some work in the harbors is interrupted. Viking Line and Tallink Silja should operate normally.
  • There will be interruptions in many factories.
  • There might be some interruptions in health and social care. This should not affect surgery operations.
  • Pharmacies should be open.

Many companies have up-dated information concerning the strike on their website, also in English.

If you need to go to Helsinki, Onnibus will operate some of its connections. You can check more information on their website.

Åbus should also operate normally. Check more information here.

You can also enquire carpool possibilities on Turku-Helsinki-Turku kimppakyyti Facebook page.

Stay up-dated by following the news on Yle News or Helsinki Times.

You can also ask your tutor.