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Sign up for the Language Tandem –course or get a language partner!

News | 12.9.2019

Would you like to study a new language or refresh your memory with an old language? A Language and Culture Tandem or Language Partner could be just for you! More information below.

Sign up for the Language and Culture Tandem –course (1-2 ETCS)!

The Language Tandem is a pair or a small group program in which students work in pairs or small groups with a native speaker of the target language. The tandem pairs/groups meet weekly and speak both languages equally. One of the two target languages is always Finnish. During the course they each keep a learning diary or a blog and at the end of the course inform the teacher in charge about the course. The available languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German and Russian. Registration closes on Friday, September 13, 2019.

In a tandem course, you can practice vocabulary, pronouncing and grammar according to your own level of language and discuss about different topics of interest, e.g. your studies, society or the cultures of the participants. The participants will determine the more detailed content together at the start of the Tandem, and send their plan to the teacher in charge of their pair.

More information is found in study guide and intranet, from where you can find the enrolment form.

Study new language in your free time – get a language partner!

Wouldn’t it be great to study a foreign language and culture in your spare time with your own language partner? From Moodle you can find a language partner forum, where you can introduce yourself in order to find yourself a language partner! You can study languages together either by teaching each other in your native languages, you can set up a group to learn a language, or you can think of some other way. If you find a suitable partner from Moodle, get in touch with that person, and arrange to meet. The aim of this link is to help people like you who are interested in languages to get in touch with one another. This is a free-time activity so there are no restrictions. It's all up to you and your language partner.

More information can be found on the website of Centre for Language and Communication Studies