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Sign up for Language and Culture Tandem –courses and Language Circles

News | 13.1.2020

Sign up for the Language and Culture Tandem –course (1-2 ECTS)!

In Language Tandem course students work in pairs with a native speaker of the target language. The tandem pairs meet weekly and speak both languages equally. In a tandem course, you can practice vocabulary, pronouncing and grammar according to your own level of language and discuss about different topics of interest, e.g. your studies, society or the cultures of the participants. The participants will determine the more detailed content together at the start of the Tandem, and send their plan to the teacher in charge of their pair. During the course, they each keep a learning diary or a blog and at the end of the course inform the teacher in charge about the course. The available languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German and Russian. The other language has to be Finnish. Registration closes on Friday, January 17, 2020. More information and enrolment link is found in study guide and intranet.

Language Circles are starting again - welcome!

Language circle is a voluntary, free time activity carried out by international and Finnish students and staff. Groups are available in different languages, and the idea is to use that specific language in the group. It is completely up to the group members to decide what they want to do in their group. The groups will start meeting at week 5 and will meet weekly. More information is found from intranet.

Now we are also looking for tutors to coordinate Language Circles. The language tutor will be in charge of the language group. He/she will plan the timetables and programme together with the group members, take part in the weekly meetings and be in charge of the communication within the group.  The tutor should be interested in languages and cultures, have some knowledge of the language of the group, be active and have good communication skills. We are looking for tutors for the following language circle groups: Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Persian, Spanish and Swedish.

Please send free-form applications and possible questions by e-mail to the study advisor of Centre for Language and Communication Studies Emilia Lahtivuori, by Wednesday 22.1.2020 at the latest.