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Riina Lumme and Jyri Lähdemaa candidates for the National Union of University Students in Finland

News | 30.9.2016

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) proposes Riina Lumme as the Chair of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and Jyri Lähdemaa as a member of the Board. The Student Union Council of TYY elected Lumme and Lähdemaa as the candidates in its September meeting.

Riina Lumme wants to promote the unity and influence of the student movement

Riina Lumme is a 24-year-old Political Science student, who serves as the Chair of the Executive Board of TYY in the current year. In 2015, Lumme was a TYY Executive Board Member responsible for student culture, company cooperation and volunteer activities. In addition, Lumme has plenty of experience as the Chair and Board Member in TYY’s subject-specific and hobby organisations. For example, she has led the Choir of the University of Turku for several years.

“In my opinion, the student movement should manifest better unity and influence in the future, in order to respond to the challenges brought by several simultaneous structural changes. To coordinate this work, SYL needs a Chair like me”, concluded Lumme on her candidature for next year’s SYL Chairmanship.

“As a leader, Riina is purpose-oriented, calm and manages large entities. She has sovereign understanding of the operation of different systems and is an excellent speaker.  I find it obvious that Riina is the best option for SYL Chair for 2017, and this autumn is going to be awesome!” stated TYY’s Secretary General, Rauli Elenius.

Jyri Lähdemaa wants to influence at the national level

Jyri Lähdemaa is a 27-year old Biomedicine student and serves as TYY Executive Board Member for Academic Affairs in the current year. Previously, Jyri has followed his drive to promote student interests and has served in almost all working groups of the university and the Faculty of Medicine.

“I define myself as a passionate promoter of academic affairs. I want to influence my environment and advance it. I have always thought that certain ‘influence persons’ have a significant role in making reforms, but the possibility of one person to make an influence without a support group is minor. The National Union of University Students in Finland is an influential promoter of student interests and a tool providing me with resources and channels for national influence”, told Jyri Lähdemaa.

“While promoting student interests, Jyri familiarises himself in a thorough and unselfish manner in the matter.  His know-how and willingness to influence make him a top choice in the SYL Board! I am sure everyone who has met Jyri knows this,” Deemed TYY’s Secretary General, Rauli Elenius.

SYL Chair and Board for 2017 will be elected in the Union meeting

The National Union of University Students in Finland elects SYL Chair and Board for 2017 and decides on the finances and activities of the union in the Union meeting. The meeting will be held on 18–19 Nov in Korpilampi, Espoo.

More info:

Rauli Elenius
Secretary General
+358 40 055 1931

Riina Lumme
Executive Board / Chair
+358 45 320 5125

Jyri Lähdemaa
Executive Board / Academic Affairs
+358 44 796 1062