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Remember to sign up for language and communication studies!

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News | 3.12.2019

Remember to sign up for language and communication courses!

• Check the course sign up time and method in the study guide:
Registration is usually done in Nettiopsu:

• We have harmonised the sign-up periods for the courses and mainly registration has the following timetable:

Period III: registration begins 9.12.2019 at 8.00

Period IV: registration begins 25.2.2020 at 8.00

Sign up usually ends at 23.59 on Sunday preceding the two weeks.

Kindly note that there are course- and faculty-specific exceptions to sign up times, so always check the exact sign-up time from the study guide or Nettiopsu!

Sign up for Language and Business Communication studies (in Turku School of Economics) has the following schedule:

III period:
Turku: 2.12. - 15.12.2019
*Other languages than English, Swedish or Finnish: at 8.00
*Business English: at 9.00
*Business Swedish: at 10.00
*Finnish Language and Business Communication: at 11.00

Pori: 4.12. - 15.12.2019
IV period:

Turku: 24.2.-8.3.2020
Pori: 26.2.-8.3.2020

For more information, please contact